curling iron 4
curling iron 4

curling iron 4

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Create big, shiny, bouncy, epic waves in seconds with the Hair Waver. It's the game-changer for hair – any length or texture.

Take Our Customers Word For It!


Love this Hair Waver! Works great on my longer hair and is easy and quick with beautiful results! Gives your hair lots of volume and gives you a shiny look!😍 Would definitely recommend.

Alyssa Santana

Los Angeles, CA


I’m so bad at styling hair usually but this is a game changer for me. This iron waver is so easy to use and has my hair in lovely waves which I’ve never been able to achieve before🙌

Gabriella J.

Brisbane, Australia


I've always looked for some curling irons and for a long time have I doubted the quality of different manufacturers. After much searching, I stumbled upon Lytestuff. Since I could not decide which iron waver to take out, Lytestuff managed to solve my problem. After I bought the pink iron waver, things have become prettier. 🙏

Andrea Denia

Montréal, Canada


I absolutely love my Hair waver! It’s so easy to do! And the results are amazing!! The curls last for ages aswell! I would definitely recommend this waver! I have friends who also want to order as a result of my good experience.

Juliana Liv

London, UK


This product is absolutely amazing. It gives you curls to die for!❤️ So easy and quick to use and very straight forward! Will definitely be using this for all future events. Love it!!

Raquel Selin T.

Austin, Texas


When I saw this on IG I knew I needed this in my life! I’m not a hair stylist so it was hard for me to do much with my hair! I’m so glad I decided to purchase this hair waver! I use it all the time now! It makes my hair nice and wavy, great for casual and formal occasions too! I’m obsessed with it!

Erica Berisha

Darwin (Australia)


This is the best hair tool out there! It’s cute, fun, and super easy to use. It really gives you those beachy waves that you absolutely crave!! I have never been so satisfied with a product (curling iron). Thank you Lytestuff for an amazing product! xoxo

Avonne Lubna

Wembley London

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