Q: Do you provide an English manual?
A: Yes, we provide an English manual in the package. 

Q: Why do you have to freeze the fruit?
A: You have to freeze the fruit for it to turn into ice cream.

Q: Is it important to remove the peel and skin of fruit?
A: If the fruit has a pit, stem or large seeds, please
remove prior to placing in the freezer. Remove the
skin from pineapple, kiwi and other fruit with hard
skin (all citrus fruit, mango, etc.).

Q: Is it healthy to eat frozen fruit?
A: Since there is no added sugar, you can indulge any time of day, guilt-free!

Q: Can you eat nuts with the dessert?
A: If adding nuts to the dessert, make sure it is
chopped or ground well.

Q: My fruits are too frozen, what should i do?
A: If your fruit is too frozen, wait a few minutes for
it to thaw out before placing into the machine.

Q: What else can the machine do for you?
A: The Frozen Fruit Machine is not limiting you to only frozen desserts.
You may use it to create dips, sauces and other
delectable foods.