Altum & Vitro (Coming Soon)

Finally, the unique collection of the Eyeglass Case comes to life.

The Altum & Vitro collection is designed with a retro style. These eyeglass cases are meant to provide full of life, both energetic and spirited. This collection is one of our special collections with a lot of background. It is designed to remind you of old-fashioned art, but also for modern use. They are meant to fit your soul, but also to match the details of your clothes.

Altum represents old-fashioned marble, which reminds you of art. The design of Altum is to represent ancient Greek and Roman culture. Marble is associated with the sign twins, and is a symbol of purity, immortality and stands for success in education.

Vitro represents Italian style and fashion, and is associated with beauty and solidity because the fabric is made of leather. Vitro is made to suit all possible styles and circumstances throughout the year. It has an incredible durability and adaptive comfort. It is elegance, but also soft and light.


 Altum & Vitro will arrive in the store on 28 August.