Supporting Susan G. Komen.Org

Supporting Susan G. Komen.Org | Daysstuff

10% of the profit every month is going to Susan G.

Dear customers, we want everyone to feel well and to feel safe. So we want to do more than just run an online store. We are committed to providing the people with hard and tough times. Therefore we are supporting Susan G. Komen.Org. which is one of the best organisations you can support regarding to Breast Cancer. For those who do not know, Breast Cancer is a disease, in which a cell grows out of control and turns into Cancer. This is very uncomfortable for very many and should be prioritised more than it is now. That's why we support Susan G. Komen, because their vision is a world without Breast Cancer and their goal is to reduce the number of deaths due to Breast Cancer. Daysstuff is a caring organisation that wants everyone to feel well and have a safe life. We do more care about giving than receiving. Therefore are 10% of the profit going to Susan G. Komen every month. Together is anything possible. Hope you are encouraged to help too. 

With Best Regards - Days Stuff crew.

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  • Selina

    Wow, you got me really encouraged about this. Thank you for supporting an organization like this. We love to see caring around here. Daysstuff is one of a kind.

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