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Supporting GreenPeace | Daysstuff

10% of the profit every month is going to GreenPeace.

We live in a world that is not taken care of well enough. The first step towards becoming environmentally friendly is to support a green business. We support GreenPeace for what they stand for, which is "live on a healthy, peaceful planet. A planet where forests flourish, oceans are full of life and where once-threatened animals safely roam". Greenpeace is involved in issues including “protecting oceans and ancient forests, phasing out fossil fuels and promoting renewable energy in order to stop climate change, eliminating toxic chemicals, preventing genetically modified organisms to be released into nature etc. Therefore, it is very important to help with what you can offer. That's why Daysstuff contributes 10% profit from what we earn each month and donates once a month. Since GreenPeace does not accept money from companies, are the Daysstuff crew agree that the CEO, who is trustworthy, should donate 10% of the profits every month to GreenPeace once a month.

Going eco-friendly also improves your quality of life in terms of mortality, age, diseases etc. You might have a better shot at living a quality life with health if you chose to go eco-friendly. Read more here.

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  • Argi

    Hey its so cool that you support Greenpeace! Amazing stuff on your online store.

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