Own A Lot Of Pairs?

Why Eyeglass Case?

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All glasses would fit perfect

Travel With Style

The Eyeglass Case will hold several of your glasses, as well protect both the lenses from scratching, and the frame from any damage.

How It Works?

See How Diagonal Case Works

Keep Your Eyeglasses In A Smart Place

Glasses not kept in a case can be accidentally bumped, which may result in a misalignment of the frame. Start by preventing drops, protect them against scratches and damage, and stay organized.

If The Glasses Are Not On Your Face, Keep Them In Their Case!

Take Our Customers Word For It!


I love this eyeglasses case. I bought the diagonal version that allows me to hold up to 6 glasses. Now I can easily decide between 6 glasses when I go out. I highly recommend this product, it is very helpful. Thank you very much for the solution problem and the great service.

Ingrid Santana

Los Angeles, CA


I bought the eye glass case from Lytestuff in 2021 when they launched their first collection. The eyeglass case is of good quality and now I am looking forward to buying my second pair! They work as they promise. Now I have a more organized system, the opportunity to bring more glasses out and recommend anyone who has many glasses a pair of these cases.

Kamiz Ferreira

Brisbane, Australia


I always looking for some eyeglass cases and for a long time I have doubted the quality of different manufacturers. After much searching, I stumbled upon Lytestuff. Since I could not decide which glasses to take out, Lytestuff managed to solve my problem. After I bought the Vintage case, things have become easier. Practical but stylish with a modern and classy design

Andrea Piacquadio

MontrΓ©al, Canada


I am very happy with the glass case I ordered from lytestuff. I have a friends who also want to order as a result of my good experience. I highly recommend this.

Juliana Stein

London, UK


After my last year in high school, I have traveled a lot around the world. Before I left, I ordered a pair of eye glass cases from lytestuff. The case has been very helpful during the trip, and kept several of my glasses. The case is easy to carry and matches my style.

Alexandra Soudei

Austin, Texas


Before I bought the semper case from lytestuff, I never had my glasses stored in a case. After a while, I noticed that the glasses were damaged and the glass was scratched. After I got my Semper case, I kept my glasses in a safe place. It has a stylish design, as well as it protects the glasses well from scratches and other damage. I highly recommend this to anyone looking for an eyeglass case and a great service.

Erica Wergeland

Darwin (Australia)


I am very happy with the whole customer experience. Delivery time was super fast
and the glass case keeps my glasses safe from scratches and damage. I felt very safe when I shopped at lytestuff. I was so satisfied and will be back to pick up my second pair.

Avonne Sherliv

Wembley London

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